You have seen them in the movie, you have heard of them in your childhood fairytales but have you seen them in the wild?If you guesed that I am talking about wolves, you are correct.

Pack wolves and Lone wolves

Pack wolves are more social and live together in well packs.The packs have 2-20 wolves and sometimes more. They work together to catch food ,chase away predators and mark teritory. Lone wolves by themselves and fend for themselves. Life is much harder for them than it would be if they were in a pack. Sometimes packs take them in or they breed with another wolf and start their own pack. Others are attached by other wolves.Sometimes they also steal their food as well. It is hard for them to hunt all alone.Pack wolves have titles.The titles are Alphas(the leaders) Betas (the second in command) middle ranked wolves (also refered to as Gammas) and the lowest ranked wolves the Omegas.

What wolves eat

Wolves mainly eat hooved animals Such as caribou, moose, deer, elk, ect. They also eat rabbits and other rodents. Many say wolves are carnivores but this is actuly not true. Wolves are omnivores because they eat berries when they are starving. It is easier for pack wolves to hunt because theycan work together to find food.Lone wolves have to hunt by them selves so they are really lucky if they catch a rabbit or a mouse.


-The largest wolf pack was counted to have over 44 wolves.

Pack wolves

A couple pack wolves.

Types of wolves

There are several types of wolves, with two main subspecies, Grey and red.

North american Grey wolf subspecies

  • Arctic wolf
  • Eastern timber wolf
  • Great plains wolf
  • Rocky mountain wolf
  • Mexican wolf

Red wolves are all but extinct, only one species remains, and it is nearly extinct.