This is the page where you can sign and join the pack!

You'll need to fill in the info there

The requirements are simple;

  • Follow the Rules.
  • Must be respectful
  • Come on the wiki at least three times a month


This will be how you sign up. Those in bold are needed.

Name: AlphaWolfJed

Gender: Male

Wolf-personality(Determines rank): Good sense of intelligence, great motor functions

Age(Wolf): 3 years (Dog years)

Age(Person): 18

Copy the Name: Gender: Wolf-personality: with your own info and fill it down at the bottom 'Sign up here' section!

Start signing up here!

Name: Kate

Rank: Alpha Lead

Gender: Female

Color: Golden Brown with Goldern Brown/Amber Eyes

Age: 2

Traits: Strong, Sweet, Strict, Brave, Courages, Confident

Verification: The One and True Kate


Name: Silverfang

Rank: Alpha

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Traits: Strong, Fearless, Brave


Name: Edme

Rank: Mid-rank

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Traits: Skillfull and brave, many times quite inconsiderate.


Name: Leah

Rank: Beta female

Gender: Female

Color: Dull brown/brownish gray

Age: 2

Traits: Loyal, Sweet, Strict, Brave, tries her best, Shy

Currently Needing

This section is for what our pack needs but not necessary:

  • We need Mid-ranking Wolves! Too many Alphas and Omegas! (Optional to choose Mid-rank)
  • Active participants and contributors! (Optional)
  • More Role Models! (Optional)
  • Friendly and Chatty people! (Optional)