Hi guys its Alpha&OmegaFan2011 and I have exciting news! Im creating my own Alpha and Omega Fanfiction! XD Here below is it so far so enjoy! ALSO!: this isn't the actual story line of Alpha and Omega 2, its just made up.

Alpha and Omega 2 Fanfiction

Created by Alpha&OmegaFan2011/Austin


After the moonlight howl... Well Kate the party is officially over, said Humphrey. Yeah the party is over. Humphrey you have the best howl I have ever heard. Thanks Kate you too, said Humphrey. Well I guess we should get some sleep now tomorrow is going to be a big day. Yeah we should get some sleep lets head to the den. Come on Lilly and Garth head to the den! Ok, said Lilly. Hey Humphrey so how do you like your new mate so far? Good Winston, I think were going to make a great couple. See ya tomorrow Humphrey and have a good sleep. Ok you too.

Well Eve I think our pack is going to do fine with our new leaders. Yeah I agree with you Winston because if Tony or anyone messes with them I will personally rip their tails out and shove them down their throats. Im sure thats not going to happen Eve. Nothing to worry about. Im not dear, said Eve. Humphrey and Garth are going to make good husbands for Kate and Lilly. I think they will too. As Eve walks back to the Den. Winston! Hey Tony how are you? Great, but my back is still killing me. Hey Tony tomorrow we are going golfing with Paddy and Marcel. Oh we are!? Yes. Well we wont be able to do it long because of my back. I understand, but its going to be a pawsome time golfing with them. Yeah it will. Well see you tomorrow Winston. Ok you too Tony!

     Chapter 1: The New Pack Leaders in Action

Kate wake up. Its the next day! Come on we need to go hunt for our Caribou for breakfast. Im starving. Ok lets go hunt for a Carribou, but we have to be quiet because Lilly and the others are still asleep, said Kate. Ok I will be quiet. Well Humphrey and Kate today is your first day on the job of leading the pack!, said Winston. So Winston what do we do all day? Basically you make sure the Alphas are doing their jobs and the Omegas are doing their jobs. Ok I understand. Well Kate lets get to it! Ok, said Kate. Wait! One more thing for both of you two. Ok today Tony,Eve and I are going golfing with Paddy and Marcel. So we will be busy all day. So I just want you two to know we will be gone until evening. Ok got it see ya guys later! Ok Lilly and Garth both of you go to training. We got it, said Lilly. Both of you guys need to practice fighting skills in case we ever get under attacked by enemies.

Well Kate its our first day on the job! Yes, so far its pawsome! We get to watch over the pack. Yeah we do. Hey Humphrey whats up man? Hey Mooch, Salty, Shaky how are you guys? Good, you? Pawsome! Maybe soon we can hang out like old times huh? Wait Humphrey! You have to be with your mate at all times remember? Oh ya I forgot Kate. Well can Kate come also? Sure she can, but were going to be log boarding though. Thats fine with me, said Kate. I love log boarding! Me and Humphrey did it on our way back to Jasper Park. I was scared at first, but then I realized how fun it was. Great! So maybe soon when everyones taking a break from training we can log board. Sounds good with us! Ok see ya later. Ok see ya. Ok Kate lets do our jobs as leaders then we will have fun tonight. Ok lets do it!

Chapter 2: Log boarding time!

Well Kate are you ready to log board? Oh yeah Im ready! Ok lets ask Lilly and Garth if they want to join us. Lilly, Garth come over here! Hey whats up? You guys want to go log boarding with us? Sorry we can't right now. We want to have some rest from training, but maybe later on, said Lilly. Ok thats fine with us. Maybe tomorrow or something. Well see, said Garth. Kate, lets go see if your parents are back from golfing yet. If they are we will tell them were going log boarding. Ok thats fine with me. Hey Kate and Humphrey what are you guys up to, said Winston. Dad, can we go off duty and go log boarding with Humphrey's friends? Sure thats fine with me! Ok thanks Dad! No problem Kate. Oh ya Kate and Humphrey, if any wolf in the woods tries to hurt you; take your teeth and go for the throat until their body stops shaking. Ok Kate lets head out. See ya guys! We will be back before dinner time! Ok see ya guys later don't be late getting back!, said Winston.

Well Kate where at the log boarding area. Now where are they? There they are! Hey guys whats up? Oh nothing much said Mooch. Wanna go log boarding? Lets do it!, said Kate. Ok today were going to race each other on the log boards. Sweet!, so what are the teams going to be? Ok the teams are going to be Kate and Humphrey vs Mooch, Salty, and Shakey., said Mooch. Ok sounds good with us, said Humphrey. Lets begin! Wooooooah! Its been a while since I have riden one of these! Me too!, said Kate. Were beating them right now. Oh no there they are! Hi Humphrey! Nice day it is huh. Yeah it is but... AH! ROCKS! They all smashed into rocks, Kate! Grab onto my arms and we will do a spin land! Ok lets do it! THUDDD!

Are you guys alright?, said Humphrey. Yeah were all fine. Kate are you alright? Yeah Im fine. Ok good everyones not hurt. Sweet! Lets do it again, said Salty! NO! Were not doing it again. We almost got injured. Thankfully we know how to land saftely without getting hurt. Yeah thankfully we know how to land saftely, said Humphrey. Ok lets go to a hill that is less rocky, said Kate. Ok lets go!

Chapter 3: The death of a past leader

Later on that evening Winston, Eve, and Tony decided to head back to the den when Tony started feeling very dizzy and told Winston and Eve about this. Eve and Winston didnt think to much about this and told him to hang in there until they returned to the den and once they got back to the den Tony blacked out. Winston, get everyone over here right now this is an emergency, said Eve! Winston charged to the forest area. As he got there he was panting and screamed for Kate and Humphrey to come with him. What is it Dad,said Kate? T-tony isn't looking very good, hes about to take his last breath, said Winston. Is Lilly and Garth there at the den Winston, asked Humphrey? Yes, their in the den with Eve and the high rank Alphas are there too. They all rushed back and found out that Tony was looking worse then when Winston left.

So what do you think is wrong Winston, asked Eve? He's really ill and might not last very long, said Winston. Garth, I'm sorry this is happening to you, said Lilly. (Garth just stood there and was speechless and Tony opened his eyes and couldn't move a bone in his body.) Humphrey, I need to ask you a favor for me, said Tony. Yes, what do you need Tony? I want you to watch for Garth and Lilly for me. I know my time is short and I wanted to ask you about this, are you willing to do it for me? Kate and Humphrey nodded. Slowly Tony closed his eyes and everyone froze TONY NO, screamed Garth!
Right after he died all the wolves in the pack gathered at the outside of the den and howled in requeim for Tony. Later on that night Humphrey was looking for Garth at the den to talk to him, but he wan't there. Humphrey's next guess would be to go to the river and see if he is there. Humphrey where are you going, asked Kate? Im going to look for Garth. Wait here and tell Winston that I'm with Garth right now. I will be back in a little bit. I just need to talk with Garth and calm him down. Ok, said Kate.

Thats it for right now. Hope you enjoyed it and I'm currently working on Chapter 4 of the story. Feel free to tell me how it looks in the comments. :)