Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

aka Archangel Edwards

  • I live in Moberly Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is Vocalism in Screamo and regular
  • I am an awesome guy
Roadside how to be roadside


Unknown child

First child!!!



My RP family

Lots of kids

My family!

Kiba Wolf: Father

Akuma Ookami: Brother

Jewel Flame: SIster

Delilah: Daughter

Paws: Son

AJ: Son

Grade: 10 schedule

English 10- Mr Ruiter- 1st semester

P.E. 10- Mr Garland- 1st Semester

Planning 10- Mr Eagles- 1st Semester

English 11- Mr Ruiter- 1st Semester

Chemistry 11- Mr Reid- 1st Semester

Art Foundations 11- Mrs Filgate- 2nd Semester

English 12- Mr Ruiter- 2nd Semester

Sience 10- Ms Chmelyk- 2nd Semester

Foundations and Pre- Calculus 10- Ms MacIntosh- 2nd Semester

Social Studies 10- Mr Chmelyk- 2nd Semester

My stories

Alpha And Omega Kate and Humphrey

Alpha And Omega!

Husky In A Wolf Pack 2-2011


Nature Of The Beast-2009

By The Stone-2009

Sleder's Edge-2009 (Explicit)

Sleder's Edge 2-2009

Sleder's Edge 3: Revenge-2009 (Explicit)

High Altitude-2010

Lone Wolf-2010 (Dedicated to Alpha And Omega)

Lone Wolf 2: Footsteps Of The Great Wolf-2010 (Dedicated to Balto 2: Wolf Quest)

Lone Wolf 3: Change In Seasons (In Progress)

Alpha And Omega 2 (In Progress)

Alpha And Omega episodes-2011

The Clan-2011

The Champion of Kirkwall-2011 (Explicit)

Bambi add on-2010

Lone Wolf 4: Venture Into The Spirit (Upcoming in 2012)

Husky In A Wolf Pack-2011 (Explicit)

Alpha And Omega: Before The Child-2011 (Explicit)

Alpha And Omega: Before The Child 2-2011 (Explicit)

Love Broken 1/2/3/4 (Series)-2011 (Explicit)

Humans And Furries Alike-2011 (Explicit)

Humans And Furries Alike 2: Equilibrium-2012 (Explicit)

Humans And Furries Alike 3: Affliction (In progress)

Dark Lust: The Damp Fire-2012

The Sight: The Pact-2012


Best internet friends

Kate Alpha- Ex/Friend

DawnCrusad3r- Live

AlphaWolfJed- Pack brother

FinalInstincct- Live

KateWolf- Wiki friend

(LMAO)SuggaDaddy- Live

BaconFlipper- Live

Hubabben- Steam

Major*T*Pain- Steam

Storylover Alpha 01- Wiki Friend

Katelynn.m- Wiki and school friend

Fox McC1oud1- Live

Sarun- RP

Purple Alpha- Friend

<3 Reka <3- Steam

Fav bands

A Day To Remember

Between The Buried And Me



Asking Alexandria

From Autumn To Ashes

Lair Of The Minotaur

Bring Me The Horizon


Black Dahlia Murder

Symphoney X



Vision Of Disorder

Morbid Angel

Fav video games

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening

Dragon Age 2

Mass Effect 1, 2, 3

Wolf Quest

Rock Band 1, 2, 3

Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Rainbow Six: Vegas 1, 2

Burnout Paradise


Fable 1, 2, 3

Half Life 2

Portal 1, 2

Avatar: The Game

Team Fortress 2

I am 16 years old, I live in Moberly Lake in British Columbia.

Current School: Chetwynd Secondary, Gr 11

I am a study of wolves. I have been studying for 2 years. I take an interest in science, which you need to become a wolf Biologist, which I am studying for. If that fails. My other job that I will be studying for is being a Chemist. I am also a vocalist, performing for my music teacher, when our projects are due.

Favourite movies: Alpha And Omega I, II

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimmaron

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day

Balto I, II, III


The Men Who stare at goats

Wolf's Rain

Fan of the movie

About me

I am an Omega wolf from the northern pack of Jasper. I am a Freedom-loving wolf and I love to keep the peace. Unlike most Omegas, I am fairly popular, I befriended everyone in the pack and I am proud to be an Omega. Though sometimes I do get lonely and sad thinking about the hot Alpha wolves who I can never be. I will find a way. I'm thinking about becoming a lone wolf, joining the largest wolf pack in the world, In Russia, or I'll just return to my active peacekeeping and popularity in the northern wolf pack.

Garth singing

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