There is a wolf pack in Sawtooth, that goes by the name of the "Sawtooth pack". The pack was watched and raised by humans for many years. From bottle feeding to dangerous hunting, these wolves have trusted humans. Trusting humans could be dangerous for wolves. After the project was over, they had to relocate the pack to a different area where they could live their lives. They lost authority over the wolves, the wolves now live on their own, all pups grown up and soon coming will be the mating season. The Alpha leader, Kamots, chose one of the young ones to mate with. Believe it or not, she was Omega! Chemukh and Kamots mate, later on in the year they have three pups, expanding the pack to eleven. Life for the Sawtooth pack couldn't have been better. Wolves love young puppies. They treat them with respect and when they get to about seven weeks old, social ranking takes place. Kamots is the one to see which are which. Two were Alphas and one was an Omega. Lakota the main Omega had the best howl in the human's opinion. Lakota was treated with mininum respect, he was the last one to eat everything. Sometimes to eat, he would have to beg his brother, Kamots. Sometimes, Kamots would show him respect. He still loved his brother, Kamots just followed pack law. Matsi was the Beta, she was to be the next Alpha. When the pups were young, she was the caretaker, she is also known as a peacekeeper. Chemukh was not shown respect and was treaten like an Omega. Matsi was concerned about Chemukh. Later on when Chemukh was fully grown she decided to take part in the play. Matsi, being the caretaker would take part in it to. Even though Chemukh was an adult she was still going through social ranking. A little bit later she was chosen to mate with the Alpha leader Kamots. She was now the Alpha female of the pack. Jim Dutcher and his wife gave the wolves to the native tribe. They had leased a land for the wolves. At the end, Jim was sad to give up the wolves but now they were all grown up and have to go on with their lives. He raised a wolf pack, he did what people only dream of doing(like me). It was for the best, the wolves were in no danger of human hunters and they were in great hands. The Sawtooth pack was one of the most known packs to date. Kamots and Chemukh's grand-pups are now the leaders of the pack(one of their pups)


The Sawtooth wolf pack members:  

-Kamots - Alpha Male of the pack, the name stands for 'Freedom'.

-Chemukh - Alpha Female of the pack, the name stands for 'Black Lassy'.

-Matsi - Beta and Caretaker of the pack, name stands for 'Sweet and Brave'.

-Wyokin - Gamma wolf of the pack, sister of Chemuhk, name stands for 'Spirit Guide to Children'.

-Wahots - Gamma wolf of the pack, brother of Chemuhk and Wyokin, name stands for 'Loves to howl'.

-Motomo - Gamma wolf of the pack, name stands for 'He who goes first'.

-Amani - Gamma wolf of the pack, name stands for 'Speaking the Truth'.

-Lakota - Omega Wolf of the pack, the brother of Kamots, name stands for 'Friend'.

-Jim Dutcher - Video Recorder, pup raiser, and leader of the project.

-Jamie Dutcher - Voice Recorder, pup raiser.

-AlphaWolfJed -FunlovingOmega(Archangel)