It is time to start training the new Alphas. Floyd and Kelly are super excited to start training. Stinky is asked to help instruct the trainees, but notices that Floyd is a perfect alpha. A little too perfect. His parents are very impressed with Floyd, and Stinky starts to wonder if maybe they would rather have Floyd be the future leader. His jealousy only increses as the training goes on. Finally Stinky can't take it any more and decides to run away. Unknown to him, a flood is on the way. Can they find him before the flood strikes?


Minor Characters


Stinky was awoken to the sounds of excited yipping. He opened his eyes to see his younger siblings chattering excitedly at the front of the cave. He yawned and stretched. Floyd and Kelly quickly looked his way.

"Morning bro!" Floyd called.

"Did we wake you up? I'm sorry! We will be quieter." Kelly whispered.

"Morning you two. And it's all right, I would have woken up soon anyways. What are you two talking about?" Stinky asked them.

"We were talking about how we can't wait for Alpha school!" Floyd whisper-yipped excitedly.

"Oh, thats right, it's coming up real soon isn't it?" Stinky said.

"Yup!" Floyd cried.

"Are you nervous?" Stinky asked walking over to them and sitting down.

"A little bit.." Kelly admitted.

"There is no need to be nervous! You just need to do your best and things will go fine! You two will be amazing alphas, I just know it!" Stinky said encouragingly.

"Thanks bro!" Floyd cried and tackled his older brother. Stinky laughed as he was crawled all over.

work in progress...