Milam is a former Western Pack member who has a crush on Candy. He has proven his willingness to give his life in the name of his pack.


Milam was born years and years ago and still remembers when Winston and Tony where very close friends. He swiftly developed a kind attitude towards the female omegas of the pack. When he attempted to court one, he was banished for a year. He returned to find Winston and Tony enemies. He was relieved when the packs united and found himself in love with Candy when she started flirting with him. When the Jasper Park Massacre took place, Milam was seen comforting frightened omegas and tended to the critically wounded Eve. He rejoiced her return with the rest of the pack and is a well respected elder of the Western Pack.


Milam is kind hearted to the pack he is part of, but is very hostile toward wolves from any other pack. He is extra kind toward Candy who he has fallen in love with despite being much older than her.