Melody is a loving funny she-wolf. She almost never gets angry and tends to giggle alot. She is always goofing off and has a hard time taking things seriously. She loves to sit by a river and listen to the water flow. She is very good at her job as an Omega, and helps keep the peace. She kind of likes to eat berries, but only when she is really hungry.


She is a light grey with a darker colored patches around both of her eyes and snout. She has a dark ring around her front two paws, tail, and chest. She has light violet colored eyes.


  • she has a crush on Runt.
  • She has a twin sister Mitsy who has a crush on Stinky.
  • She has thirteen younger brothers and sisters; Hickory, Killion, Lope, Lupus, Bear, Forest, Berry, Willow, Daphne, Terra, Lilo, Rory, and Gelato.
  • She loves honey


Bees and trout.


Hutch: father

Mango: mother

Mitsy: twin sister

Hickory: Sister

Killion: brother

Lope: brother

Lupus: brother

Bear: brother

Forest: Sister

Berry: sister

Willow: sister

Daphne: sister

Terra: Brother

Lilo: sister

Rory: brother

Gelato: brother

Runt: mate

Stinky: brother-in-law

Clawdette: sister-in-law

Kelly: sister-in-law

Floyd: brother-in-law

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