Soon after their pups Clawdette, Stinky, and Runt mature, Kate gets lonely and she and Humphrey decide to have a second litter of pups. Then Floyd and Kelly are born.


Floyd: Floyd is very strong and spirited. He loves to run around and is very athletic. He is a very cocky Alpha and tends to go off on his own. He looks up to his brother Stinky alot. He is often told he is very handesome and talented. He can get jelious very easily, and is a bit mean. He looks down on Omegas, even though his father and older brother are one.

Kelly: Kelly is very laidback and sweet. She is very kind and generous and loves to help those in need. She is a Alpha and loves it. She can be very surprisingly fast and athletic, although she doesn't look it. It takes a bit to make her angry, but when she is, she lets others know it in a kind way. She is very protective of her brother, even though he is a jerk to her. She is often seen goofing off playing with the Omegas instead of doing her job.


Floyd: Floyd is a russet gingery color. His neck, chest, under-side-of-tail, paws, and ears are all a lighter color. his eyes are a marine blue and he has a darker colored stripe going from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.

Kelly: She is white with a super light grey colored muzzle. Her eyes are a sparkling jade color.


None yet


  • Floyd can be a bit of a show-off
  • Kelly has a best friend is a cougar.
  • Floyd's best friend is a wolf named Hare.
  • Kelly loves to log board.


Floyd: Bears and rabbits

Kelly: none.


Kate: mother

Humphrey: father

Stinky: older brother

Clawdette: older sister

Runt: older brother

Mitsy: sister-in-law

Melody: sister-in-law

Hickory: Sister-in-law

Killion: brother-in-law

Lope: brother-in-law

Lupus: brother-in-law

Bear: brother-in-law

Forest: Sister-in-law

Berry: sister-in-law

Willow: sister-in-law

Daphne: sister-in-law

Terra: Brother-in-law

Lilo: sister-in-law

Rory: brother-in-law

Gelato: brother-in-law

Hutch: father-in-law

Mango: Mother-in-law

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