Here is another page for your ideas. Go ahead and tell what you think the puppies in Alpha and Omega 2 will be like.

KateWolf's Puppy Ideas


Kayla is a playful, lovable puppy with a lot of energy. Even when she gets out of Alpha school she has a lot of energy. She has a talent at picking on her little brother, Hudson whens she nips him. She considers him her "chewtoy" taking advantage of her Alpha abilities. She often pounces when he isn't looking to result in tattletale Hudson. Kate and Humphrey try their hardest to get Kayla to calm down but the only time that happens is when she cries. Her eyes sparks when she cries with her golden brown eyes. Her fur is a a light golden brown mixed in with a creamy belly. In her puppy hood, she had two inch claw making her "tougher" than her cousins and her little brother. She never used them since they could easily slice flesh. Her teeth were about in inch long. When she clamped down ion Hudson, he had bruise marks on him for a long time.


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AlphaWolfJed's Puppy Ideas


born to be an Alpha, she has the similarities as her mother; her personality, her golden fur, and her skills. She got her Icy blue eyes from her father, Humphrey. She is the main focus-character of Jed's story; Alpha and Omega; New York Adventures.


He's destined for leadership, most say. His developing personality changes quite often, when three weeks old, he started to play-fight a lot with his Omega brother Kyle. He's quite a show off and stubborn. He has dark-gray fur from his father and golden-brown eyes from Kate. He is confirmed to be the main focus-character of Jed's upcoming story; Alpha and Omega; Destined.


He's the miniature Humphrey, always playful and rides the logs like he was born to. His appearance is exactly like his father as well, but the only difference is the eyes; Amber. He will have his own story like the rest of his siblings.


Her personality is much like Lilly when she was small, not much is known about her yet. Her fur is dull with the colour of light-brown, her eyes are vivid cyan colored.

Archangel Spirit Healer Edward's Puppy Ideas


Kolyat was always a silent boy. He never really talked much. He acted as an Omega, a really lone Omega. Humphrey tried to cheer him up, but Kolyat always seems depressed. He told his parents himself that he will be leaving to be a dispersal wolf. Kate and Humphrey approved but they know Kolyat needs to lighten up. He thinks to himself that his parents are right and he wants to cheer up, and he is improving, much to his family's satisfaction.


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Abbeybunny's Puppy Ideas


Katie is one of Humphery and Kate's puppies. She's just Kate with an "i" in between the t and the e. She is Chestnut Brown with a White chest and stomach like Kate, but with Blue eyes like Humphery. She is more of an Alpha, like Kate. She's a very silent stalker, and spends time with Kate trying to find food for the pack. Her favorite prey are Fawn Meat. Her personality is like Kate's.


Darwin is one of Humphery and Kate's puppies. He is more of an Omega, like Humphery. He is much like Humphery, since he looks the same as him. Darwin is very clumsy at times and sometimes bumps into Katie when log-boarding with Humphery.


Mika is one of Humphery and Kate's puppies. She has Gray fur like Humphery, but Brown eyes like Kate. She also has a Brown tail like Kate. Kate wants her to be an Alpha, but she acts more like an Omega, having such a silly personality like Humphery.


Jake is one of Humphery and Kate's puppies. He is much like Humphery, except for his personality. He is more of an Alpha, like Kate. Jake always goes log-boarding with Humphery and his brother Darwin, and hunting with Kate, Katie, and the other Alphas.


Carla is one of Garth and Lilly's puppies. She is much like Lilly because of her White fur. The only thing different about her is her eyes, which are Teal/Green like Garth's eyes. Carla is more of an Omega, because she has such a silly personality, like Lilly.


Jack is one of Garth and Lilly's puppies. He has red fur with a white stomach, making him much like Garth. He also has vivid Purple eyes, making him a little bit like Lilly. Jack loves to pull pranks on his sister, Carla. Jack is more of an Omega. He is friends with Darwin and Jake.


Heather is one of Garth and Lilly's puppies. She has White fur and Purple eyes, just like Lilly. She is much like Lilly, except for her personality. She is more of an Alpha because she loves to hunt with Garth.


Zack is one of Garth and Lilly's puppies. He has White fur, like Lilly, and has Teal/Green eyes, like Garth, and has the personality of Lilly. Zack is more of an Omega because he fools around a lot. He is friends with Jack, Jake, and Darwin.

Niggenson's puppy ideas


The child of humphrey and kate