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Antwan is a short-tempered, aggressive pup. He's the only child of Fleet and Claudette. His grandparents are Kate and Humphrey, while Runt and Stinky are his uncles. He seems to have a crush on Eliza.
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Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada


The Western Pack


Pup (Future Beta)




Humphrey(Grandfather), Kate(Grandmother), Nars(Grandfather), Fleet(Father), Claudette(Mother), Runt(Uncle), Stinky(Uncle) Magril(Aunt)


Antwan is a very mean, short-tempered and tough pup. While knowing all the pack rules, he still may ignore them, causing as much trouble as he can.

While having a cold heart, he can still be warm and cuddly at times-especially with Eliza. He'll protect his pack-mainly all of his bloodlines-with his life, no matter how mean he may seem.

Antwan is also not very loyal to his pack-regardless of family. Since he's in love with a dog stray-he may turn in wolf life for a possible dog or loner life. If persuaded, he can switch packs at anytime. It's all up to who and what it is.


Pup Life

Born the only child, he found life quite lonely-especially when his mother was busy with Alpha duties and father was busy tracking for his hunting team. He found himself to have no companions, hiding his loneliness with anger.

He soon became tough and aggressive, Candu instantly spotting this. The fierce wolf bonded quite nicely with Antwan and soon it wasn't long before Candu started showing some of his moves to Antwan.

From that point on, everyday he woke up, Antwan did some laps in the morning only to be greeted by Candu in the afternoon to practice some moves to buff Antwan up a bit.

Meeting Eliza

When he becomes a teen, Antwan strays off into the forest to practice tracking like his father. He accidentally chases a fluffy, white dog-which he thought was a rabbit, pouncing on it, tumbling down a hill only to have it land atop him, nose-to-nose. Antwan becomes flustered as the rabbit turns out to be leashed dog that lost her way home.

Antwan sharply uses his nose to find her previous tracks. The dog reveals that her name is Eliza and it isn't long before she starts flirting with Antwan. Annoyed, he ignores her until Eliza accidentally steps backward onto a baby black bear's paw. The bear releases a cry of terror, alerting it's huge mom. Antwan protects Eliza, jumping in mid-air while twisting, his first front claw from his right paw slashing the bear's eye, blinding her.

Antwan ushers Eliza away, until they arrive in a backyard-which belongs to her owner. Eliza tells how Antwan is brave which causes him to be flustered-in a good way. He kindly asks her that they should meet again sometime and Eliza nods, before reuniting with her owner.

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