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Alpha and Omega: A New Day

Jake's POV

As I rushed home from Sirius's den a thought kept going through my head. I couldn't believe I had a crush on Connor. But then again, the proof was staring me right in the face.

I enjoyed our noses touching, I couldn't stop staring at him, and I don't know why but I really wanted to lick him in hope that he will like me back. That however is a bad idea.

If I try to lick him, he might think I'm weird and he will stop being my friend. Sirius is right. I should wait until I figure out if he likes me back. Also, it's probably not a good idea for my parents to know that I like males. Don't know how they would take it.

That night, I had a great dream!

Dream Sequence/ Jake's POV

"*yawns* Where am I?" I look around the den for something familiar. This definitely was not my parents' den. There was a bunch of meat stored in the back and I could hear the sound of birds chirping in the nearby tree. Where was I?

"Morning sleepy-head!" I looked over to see a gray male wolf come over and nuzzle me. My cheeks grew bright red from the loving nuzzle. I look at the wolf confused. This wolf looked familiar but I couldn't put my paw on who it was. He soon spoke up and cleared up my confusion.

"It's me Connor! Don't tell me you forgot what your mate looks like?" I had a surprised but happy look on my face as I nuzzled him back. I couldn't believe what I heard.

"We're mates?" I ask him still in a state of shock. He looked at me with that confused look he always had growing up. He couldn't believe what I just said.

"Of course! We became mates almost a year ago and we have been together since we were teenagers." he said giving me a very cute smile.

"But, how did it happen?" I asked wanting to get a clearer picture of how it happened.

"Well, several years ago, you asked me out and I said yes. As simple as that" He said giving me another nuzzle.

This didn't answer my question. I wanted to know more. Something specific.

"Can you tell me about how it came about?" I asked trying to squeeze more information out of him. He smiled at me as he let out a yawn.

"Stop pretending! You know exactly how we got together. I will say this, when you asked to become mates, it was the happiest day in my life!" He said as he looked at me with a big smile. He then cuddles up next to me laying my head against his chest. "I love you Jake with all my heart!"

"I love you too Connor!" I said as I drift off into a deep sleep but not before he licks me on my forehead.

End of Dream Sequence: Jake's POV

It was then I woke up. Looking around, I was back in my parent's den. What a crazy dream that was. I was really hoping that that dream would come true. It was right around dawn so I decided to head down to the river to grab a drink.

As I walked towards the river, I kept getting the feeling I was being watched. I stopped a few times looking around but saw no one.

"Who's out there? I know you are following me!" I called out hoping I'd be able to locate the stalker. Eventually I gave up and continued to the river.

When I arrived, I grabbed a drink and looked at my image reflecting off the water. I'm not that bad looking, surely Connor would like me.

"I can't believe it! I really can't believe I like males!" I said to myself as I just stare at my reflection. I was totally unaware that the stalker was still watching me. "I mean, I guess it's not too uncommon around here since we are an accepting pack. After all, Sirius and Drake are together and no one judges them. What do I have to be afraid of?"

That's when I started to think of the negatives. What if my parents found out? They might treat me differently. I don't know what they think about males liking males. Never asked them. They don't seem to mind Sirius or Drake when they come over to hang out. But what if they don't know they are together? What if they think those two are just best friends?

I sighed and continued to stare until I heard a twig snap. My ears perked as I looked around for the source of the sound.

"Who's out there? And why are you following me?" I called out but received no response. "This isn't funny! I want to know why you are following me!" Again, I received no response. This was starting to freak me out but I'm an alpha! Alphas aren't scared of anything! I looked around growling until I saw a paw underneath a bush. Gotcha!

I charge to the bush but as I approached it, the figure took off. I ran after it trying to take down whoever has been watching me. We zigzagged through the forest avoiding as many trees as possible until we reached a clearing.

It was then I noticed it was another wolf. Why was this wolf watching me? I must stop him and find out.

"Stop!" I yelled as I started to gain ground on the stalker. Right before we reached the end of the clearing, I pounced on the wolf sending us tumbling until I was able to successfully pin him down.

I took a good look at the face and I couldn't believe who it was.

"Devon?" I asked looking angry and confused as I kept him pinned down. It was my old friend who I hang out with whenever Connor is busy.

I've known him for years. We met shortly after I became friends with Connor.

Flashback/Jake's POV

It was a bright sunny day. I had just woken up and was getting ready to head to the lake with Connor. I was bouncing around my dad excited. It was my first time going to the lake without parental supervision.

"Dad, can I go now? Can I? Can I? Can I?" I nagged as I waited eagerly for his reply.

"Sure kiddo! But make sure you are back by dinner. I don't want to have to come get you myself if you're late." my dad said in a serious tone.

"Thanks Dad!" I said hugging him and charging out of the den. I couldn't wait for the day ahead of me.

"Hehehe. There goes one happy pup!" my dad said as I left and ran out of sight.

I ran eagerly avoiding each wolf I came across. While I was running, I daydreamed about the fun time I was about to have. All of a sudden, a wolf pup appeared out of nowhere. I couldn't stop in time and before you knew it, I crashed into him sending us both flying.

"Sorry! I should've been watching where I was going." I said helping the pup up. It looked like he had been crying. I hope it wasn't my fault. "Are you okay?"

He just looked at me and then ran up and hugged me crying into my fur. After a few minutes, he broke the hug and was calm enough to speak.

"I….I'm sorry I got in your way!" the pup said as he looked at me with his sad brown eyes.

"No, no. It's my fault! I wasn't watching where I was running! I'm Jake!" I replied giving him a reassuring smile. That put a small smile on his face.

"I'm…I'm Devon." He answered back.

"Why were you out here by yourself?" I asked looking at him. In my opinion, he was lost.

"I…..I….I have nowhere else to go." He replied as he looked down at his paws. Something was troubling him and I wanted to know what it was.

"What do you mean? Where are your parents?" I asked. When he heard the word 'Parents,' he started to cry again. Something bad must have happened.

"My….my parents are dead. So is my entire pack….." He answered as he cried into my fur once more. This news was very shocking. This young wolf is out here on his own; no one to care for him.

"What happened? " I asked giving him another hug. It took him a while to respond but I didn't want to rush him.

"Three weeks ago, my family had just come home after hunting. I was the only omega in a family of alphas so I wasn't allowed to go out hunting. Right as we begin to eat our dinner, another alpha runs into our den alerting us of an invading pack. My parents and brothers ran out into battle to defend our home. My mom brought me to a bush and ordered me to stay and she would come back for me. Hours pass as I witness more members of my pack dying. I was so scared. It was then my mom limped up to me. She was badly hurt and was bleeding. I helped her to the bush and she told me that the family is dead and she is dying too. I started crying but she licked me telling me to run away. To get away from the fight. She didn't want to see me get hurt. She then said that she loved me before she breathed her last breath. With tears in my eyes, I got as far away from there as possible. I wandered for weeks before you crashed into me." he said with his head hanging low to the ground.

"You want me to help?" I asked patting him on the back.

"You….you… would help me?" He looked at me with the most shocked face you could ever see.

"Of course I would! Our pack leader Winston, who is also my grandpa, will let you join the pack and maybe even find you a wolf couple to take you in and raise you. Would you like that?" I asked giving him a big smile. All I wanted was to see this wolf grow up happy and in a loving family, not wandering the woods starving to death.

"I….I would like that! I would like that very much!" He beamed looking at me with a huge smile on his face. This was the first time I've seen him smile since the collision. Going to the lake with Connor was going to have to wait. This wolf needs me!

With that, we headed off for my grandfather's den.

End of Flashback/Jake's POV

"Why are you watching me?" I asked Devon with a slight growl. He just looked back at me and smiled. This left me a little confused.

"I was going to see if you wanted to hang out but I started hearing you talk to yourself so I followed you to see what you were saying." His response made me nervous. Did he hear what I was saying? If he did, will he tell anybody? I got to find out.

"W….what exactly did you hear?" I asked a little nervous at his response.

"I heard you say to yourself that you like males. Is it true?" he asked looking at me with a curious look on his face. Oh well, might as well admit it to him.

"Yes…I like males. Please don't tell anyone!" I pleaded and that same smile never left his face.

"Of course I wouldn't tell anyone. To tell you the truth, I like males also! In fact, there was one wolf in particular that I like" He said as his smile grew wider. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

"W…who is it?" I asked. My response made him laugh. Why was he laughing?

"It's you! I like you!" He said as he gets out of my grip and pounces on top of me pinning me down. "I've had a crush on you since the day we met! Now that I know you like males, we can be together!"

He then did something that I wasn't expecting. He pulled me in and kissed me. It took my brain a minute to process what was happening. When it did, I pulled away.

Never did I think that Devon had any interest in me. Despite his interest, I still wanted to be with Connor. I might consider Devon if I cannot be with Connor.

"Actually, while it is true that I like males, there is actually another male who I am interested in." I said hoping not to hurt his feelings.

Devon brushed it off like it didn't affect him.

"Who is it? He asked with a happy curious look on his face. Looks like I will need to tell him who I like.

"It…'s Connor" I said looking down at my paws blushing in embarrassment. Devon looked at me and started to laugh. "What's so funny?" I said growling at him.

"I'm sorry but he's straight." He answered wiping a tear from his eye.

"What makes you say that? He might like males! He might even have a crush on me too" I said staring angrily at Devon. Is he jealous that I don't feel the same way about him?

"Why wait for him when dating me is a sure thing?" He smirked at me.

"Because I like Connor, not you!" I growled. I just had to get away from him. I just need my space. So I ran off back to my den.

While I was running, Devon shouted "I'll win you over eventually! We will be together!"

Great! First I develop a crush on my best friend, next my other friend confesses his feelings to me and kisses me, and now I have to worry about Devon trying to win me over.

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