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Alpha and Omega: A New Day

Jake's POV

"Jake! Hey Jake! Wake up!" I hear a familiar voice of my friend yelling in my face. "Come on!"
I crack my eyes open lazily.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" I groan sleepily and annoyed, as usual when I wake up.

"It's time for you alpha wolf training." My best friend Connor says with his tail wagging slightly in excitement.

'Ugh.. I hate training.'

I'm basically the laziest, and lowest young alpha in the pack, which doesn't really make my father Garth extremely proud. Connor on the other hand, is probably the best and most energetic. But hey opposites attract I guess.

"Whats in store today?" I ask as I stretch my stiff body.

"Well.. First we run a mile, then we work on strength, then if we have time, we can go swimming."

"Ok.. I stretch the last leg. "Lets get going..

  • Three hours later. Training is over and we're running to the lake*

"Wait up!" I yelled as my friend Connor ran ahead of me. He never seemed to wait for me. And the fact that he pushed me harder than usual today didn't help…

"What? Can't keep up slowpoke?" He answered as he laughed at me.

"You know I'm not a fast runner!" I replied as I tried to catch up to Connor.

He stopped when he got to the lake. "Looks nice and co-" He started to say, I didn't see him stop and ended up barreling into him. We rolled around until we stopped right at the edge of the lake. We ended up landing with our noses touching.

For some strange reason, I started to turn bright red. What was happening? Me and Connor have been friends since we were pups and have wrestled a bunch of times but this was the first time that I ever ended up blushing.

I quickly looked away and got off of him hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Sorry about that, I didn't see you!"

"Don't worry about it! It's not the first time you didn't watch where you were going." He laughed as he stood up.

"I guess you're right" I replied. It was true. Growing up, I had a habit of daydreaming and what I learned is to never daydream while running.

"Let's get swimming before your dad calls us back." He said running into the water. I couldn't help but stare at him as he ran in. What was going on with me? I quickly shook it off and ran into the lake.

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